Dr. Ho Foong Hui

B.D.S. (Singapore)

“Live with a Smile!”

“People often find teeth a mystery. They are, until you take the first step in getting to know them.

I strive to ease each individual into the dental chair and empower them to maintain their oral health.

My desire is to let them leave learning something new about their oral condition each time. It is just like making a friend – the more you know him, the less you are intimidated.”

Associate Dental Surgeon

Dr. Ho Foong Hui is a graduate of the National University of Singapore and an alumni of River Valley.

 She spent time serving in the National Healthcare Group of polyclinics where she experienced treating a myriad of patients in age, medical complexity and walks of life. Serving as a dental officer in the SAF made up a large part of her time serving in the public sector prior to joining private practice. She has received many compliments for her conscientious care for patients throughout the years.

She has a special interest in holistic and preventive care, encompassing pain management, restorative work as well as surgeries to remove impacted teeth.

She is a registered member of the Singapore Dental Council, Singapore Dental Association and the College of Dental Practitioners (Singapore).

When not in the clinic, Dr. Ho can be found exploring nature trails in Singapore. If the weather allows otherwise, she is likely in her kitchen trying out new recipes to lay on the table and often shares her baked goods with the clinic. She is a firm believer that sweet treats are not an issue if you clean your teeth well. 

Head over, you might be in for a treat on your lucky day here!

Volunteer Dental Work History

Dr. Ho volunteers at HealthServe providing dental services for migrant workers.