Our Dentists

Dr. Hong Qixian

B.D.S. (Singapore)

Let me empower you to decide the best option for yourself.

“Most people are generally unaware of the different treatment options available. I see my role as an educator and a guide, rather than just a deliverer of dental procedures.

Two people with similar dental issues at different stages of their life may require completely different treatment plans. I want my patients to clearly understand and select the treatment choices most suited to themselves.

Doing my best for every client ensures that we are both satisfied upon completion of treatment. Your successful outcome is a testament to the quality of my work.”

Dr. Benjamin Lim

B.D.S. (singapore)

Dentistry, the right mix of science and art.

“I became a dentist because I enjoy working with my hands. I enjoy my work a lot and find it most rewarding to finish complex cases that can really bring a huge change in my patients’ smiles, even if these cases can take up to a year or more!

I strive to deliver excellent results to my patients and I take joy in giving them results that they love.

Personally, I feel that only with mutual trust between dentist and patient can we achieve the best results, and I am truly thankful for patients who can really trust us to do our best.”

About Us

B & F Dental Clinic was founded by our clinical directors Dr. Hong Qixian and Dr. Benjamin Lim, both classmates and graduates of the National University of Singapore’s Faculty of Dentistry. Having practised for close to a decade, both in the public and private sector, they decided to strike out on their own to establish their own brand and niche for dental care in Singapore, with full control over the products and services that the clinic has to offer.

Our main aim is to be here for our patients and follow up with you through the years. We have invested and are continually investing in new technology and skills-training to provide you excellent quality of care. Our goal is simple – to keep our patients happy and maintain a harmonious long-term relationship with them.

What We Offer You

Approachable, Friendly Staff
Our staff are happy to discuss your fears and concerns with you before we start any treatment.

Skilled Dentists
Our dentists have worked in the public hospitals, military institutions, polyclinics and government emergency departments and are accustomed to dealing with emergencies of various kinds.

Modern Treatment Concepts
Our dentists have travelled overseas for additional training in various disciplines under esteemed specialist lecturers in Australia, Hong Kong and Poland as well as attended courses by senior lecturers from the USA, Australia, Japan, Korea and the United Kingdom.

Excellent Hygiene Standards
Our equipment is sterilized by disinfection soaks and steam-sterilized under high-temperature in medical grade German Autoclaves.

Dedicated Aftercare
We are always approachable if you need assistance after your dental visits with us.