Dr. Benjamin Lim

B.D.S. (Singapore)

"Dentistry, the right mix of science and art."

“I became a dentist because I enjoy working with my hands. I enjoy my work a lot and find it most rewarding to finish complex cases that can really bring a huge change in my patients’ smiles, even if these cases can take up to a year or more!

I strive to deliver excellent results to my patients and I take joy in giving them results that they love.

Personally, I feel that only with mutual trust between dentist and patient can we achieve the best results, and I am truly thankful for patients who can really trust us to do our best.”

Clinical Director

Dr. Benjamin Lim is a dentist proficient in the full range of general dental procedures, including dental crowns, bridges, root canal treatment and teeth whitening, wisdom tooth surgery and dental implants.

A Dean’s List graduate of the National University of Singapore, he is an alumni of the Raffles and River Valley families. Dr. Benjamin Lim served his government bond in the public sector as a dental officer before working in private practice for a few years. He has practiced general dentistry in the National Healthcare Group Polyclinics as well as managed complex cases in the National University Hospital (Singapore).

Dr. Lim also served in the Singapore Armed Forces Military Dental Service providing essential dental treatment such as wisdom tooth removal for our national servicemen. He was frequently awarded a high grading for his performance in the public service before moving on to private practice.

He is a registered member of the Singapore Dental Council, Singapore Dental Association and the College of Dental Practitioners (Singapore). Dr. Lim enjoys cooking, pottery and travelling in his free time. He finds meaning in charity work.

Volunteer Dental Work History
– Assisting dental treatment for rural communities in Phnom Penh (Cambodia) under the Project Sa’bai umbrella.